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What is Friday Night Done Right? 



 "Friday Night Done Right" (FNDR) is a campaign that was adopted from Drug Free Charlotte, in South Florida.  Launched in Citrus County in 2015, FNDR empowers teens   through positive alternatives by giving students in Middle School and High School the ability to make important choices about how they spend not only their Friday nights,   but other time as well.  It allows teens who are already spending their Friday nights without alcohol and drugs to know that it is normal, and also allows teens to realize they   don’t need that to have a good time. 

 The Friday Night Done Right campaign in Citrus County provides events that are held at various locations, and is supported by a number of agencies called the “Street   Team” which includes the Anti-Drug Coalition, Eckerd “Hi-Five” Kids, Tobacco Free Florida, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, Citrus County Schools, Aspire Relationship   Center-Home of the River Project, Citrus Abuse Shelter Association, Hanley Center Foundation, Citrus County Education Foundation, and other Faith-Based   organizations.  

 This past May of 2019, the Anti-Drug Coalition launched a major initiative with Friday Night Done Right, called the Impact Games to celebrate National Prevention Week..  The Impact Games was a celebration for the end of the school year which featured a friendly Battle of the High Schools.  270 High School students attended, with over 320 in total attendance, making the first-time event tremendously successful.   

So What’s Next for FNDR?

The Anti-Drug Coalition and our Street Team Partners are working to provide more FNDR events for Citrus County teens.  To keep updated, please check our Events Calendar, and Special Events   pages.  

 How You Can Be a Part of FNDR

 Sponsorships – Additionally, several businesses and other organizations such as local churches support FNDR by hosting events, and partnering with   the Street Team. To support FNDR financially as a sponsor, serve as a host location, or provide other types of support such as food or giveaways, please contact us at 352-601-6620, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or helping volunteer at a FNDR event. .

 Attendees: Keep in touch with Friday Night Done Right by visiting our Social Media pages for updates, including upcoming events, Friday Night Done Right Contests, and other   information about Teen Events in Citrus County.


September 9th, 2021
Community Alliance Meeting

September 28th, 2021
Recovery Event